November 2017





3rd Annual Salute to Our Veterans


Help us honor our local Veterans during our 3rd Annual Salute to Our Veterans Event. From November 1st through 11th, we will fly tribute flags along our property in Fishkill as a show of our patriotism and support for American Heroes.

Join us on Friday, November 10th at 11am for our community ceremony. All Sport’s Salute to Our Veterans event raised $11,000 last year to help support local Veterans. This year, help us reach our goal of raising $15,000 to give back and say thank you for their service.

1Join us for the Salute Ride! All Sport and Adams Fairacre Farms are partnering to bring a unique, outdoor cycle class. On Saturday, November 11th from10am – 12:30pm, we'll set up spin bikes at the Wappingers Falls Adams Fairacre Farms location - in an effort to raise awareness, collect donations and honor our service members.
Click here to sponsor a tribute flag, bike at the Salute Ride, or support any way you can!


We want to highlight and honor you! If you've served in our military, we invite you to bring in a photo from the time of your service for our display board. 




Thanksgiving Day Hours and Schedule



Get your workout in before the feast! Click here for holiday hours and schedule. 




Small Group Training


Thanksgiving Day - Ignite: Turkey Burn
Come burn before you feast! New SGT session, Ignite, will be kicking off in the brand new SGT Studios, but come get a taste of what this kickbutt workout is all about! Click here for more info.


Have you tried SGT or Personal Training?
Our Small Group Training (SGT) sessions are meant to push your fitness limits, and give you a stellar workout! To learn more about our sessions, click here

Personal Training is the best way to get individual attention, customized workout routines, and a trainer who will serve as your motivator. To learn more about Personal Training, please call Camille at 845-896-5678.


Who's ready for a JumpStart?

JumpStart is a perfect way to assess where your fitness level is. To learn more and schedule your JumpStart, contact Jimmy Da Gata at 845-896-5678, Ext. 184.



Group Fitness



November 22 - Indoor Adult Recess

Come play a game of dodgeball! Indoor Adult Recess takes the classic gym childhood games and brings them to life for adults to enjoy! Click here for info.





Kids Programs 



Have you registered for Fall II Programs? If not, there's still time to get your kids enrolled in our amazing programs. Programs begin October 30th!

November 7 – Vacation Camp – No School
November 8 – Free Racquetball Clinic
5:30pm for children ages 8 & up, 6:00pm for adults. Must preregister.
November 10  - Vacation Camp – No School
November 17 – Kids Night Out
November 22 – Vacation Camp – No School

November 24 – Vacation Camp – No School





Pool and Swim



November 3 – Pool Volleyball
November 9 - Lifeguard Training Class 


Need Group or Private Swim Lessons? 
Group Swim, please click here.

Private Swim, please click here.




Mind | Body @ All Sport and Elevate





November 18 - Mind Body Trifecta
Experience three powerful classes in one stellar session. Pilates, barre, and yoga will help strengthen your body, mind, and soul! Each participant will get a swag bag, too! Register now – it will sell out! Click here for more info.




November 1 - 30 - Elevate Bingo
Head over to Elevate Yoga & Barre Studio to participate in their Elevate Bingo challenge! 


November 18 - The 7 Chakras: Practice with a Purpose
In this workshop, we will learn about the unique qualities of each of the 7 Chakras and introduce how to integrate their essence into asana practice. Click here for more info.


November 19 - Yoga Wall Workshop: Core and So Much More 
This high energy active yoga wall workshop is all about taking the principles of alignment, refinement, awareness and release into full play on the wall. Click here for more info.


Thanksgiving Day - Gratitiude Flow

Join Samantha for a 90-minute practice to prime the body with strength and length, as well as prime the mind and heart for a season of gratitude. 



Fuel Cafe


Meal Prep Program


Love eating healthy, but want to do away with shopping, prepping and cooking those healthy meals? Then check out our time-saving, convenient Meal Prep Program! 


By joining the Meal Prep Program, you can receive a complete dinner for each night of the week. Only looking to have a break from cooking a few nights a week? No problem! The program allows you to choose how many meals you'll need. 


For more info, stop by the Fuel Cafe or click here!






Community at All Sport


Beacon Pilates at All Sport

The Pilates Studio at All Sport will be hosting an open house on Tuesday, November 7th from 12:30pm- 1:30pm!

The Pilates Studio pleased to announce we have added Instructors to our staff. Which means more classes! We listened to your feedback and to better serve you, we have added classes on Monday, Thursday and Saturday mornings, as well as Tuesday evening. These are in addition to our existing classes on Wednesday and Friday mornings, and Wednesday evening. Are you looking to build strength, stability and create long lean muscle tone, all while improving your bodies alignment for better posture  and overall strength? You may be a serious athlete looking to improve performance and prevent injuries. Pilates can benefit everyone whether you've been exercising a very long time, just starting out or coming back from an injury. We would love to work with you. We offer small group classes for individualized attention and All Sport members can take advantage of a special discount.

For more information stop by or contact us at For ease of scheduling, the full schedule is available online here







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